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Dragon Industries Flame Arrestor Obtained Production Quality Assurance Notification from TüV SüD

On September 22nd 2021, our in-house designed and manufactured flame arrestors, including in-line detonation and in-line deflagration flame arrestor, have obtained the Production Quality Assurance Notification issued by TüV SüD, one of the world’s most influential Technical Inspection Associations.
Before this, on May 21st 2021, our flame arrestor has also obtained both EU-Type Examination Certificate and the Short-Time Burning Report from IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.
Both EU-Type Examination Certificate and Production Quality Assurance Certificate meet the ISO16852 standard and Directive 2014/34/EU. The achievement of such certificates from both TüV and IBExU has put our products meeting the international standard quality requirement. And these accomplishments also demonstrate our company’s aspiration in improving our in-house designed products quality system and making great step forward into the international market.

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